2015 Donors



Birdwell Family Foundation

Clark Family Foundation

Gelber Family Foundation

Frank and Sandy Gelber

Karen and Colin Kelly Charitable Fund


$5,000 - $9,999

Joel and Laura Bernstein

Jim Chiappetta and Lisa Leger

Peter Fisher

Frankel Family Foundation

Glenview Community Church

Steve and Jackie Hirsh

Doug Loeser and Amy Horne

Larry and Jane Hund

United Church of Christ –
  Global Church Ministries

John Mellos and Jenny Parker

Allison and Robert Price Family Foundation

Wayne and Wendy Rhodes



$1,000 - $4,999


Leslie Aberson

Tom and Karen Aldrich

Wayne Andersen and Sheila O’Brien

Audrey Bach

Scott and Chris Bates

Michael and Carolyn Berlin

David Edelstein and Jennie Berkson

Lloyd and Kathryn Bettis

Stephan and Cindy Blandin

John and Sarah Busch

Michael and Barb Cabay

Edward and Kristin Casas

David and Cindy Cherwin

Patrick and Suzanne Coffey

Chuck and Danna Cole

Congregation Solel, Highland Park

Hank and Harriet Conroe

James and Kim Corthay

Jane Curry

John and Jane Demler

Encinitas Coastal Rotary Club

Larry and Rose Feder

First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette

Frankel Family

Sasha Gerritson

William and Carolyn Gifford

Brian and Gretchen Grad

Richard Guerine

John and Julie Hansen

Harley-Davidson Financial Services

Gary and Ann Herbert

Richard and Joyce Hirsch

Richard and Susan Holmer

JAMS Foundation

Joshua Kahn Charitable Fund

Rich and Heidi Katz

Robert and Ashley Kernstock

Scott Henry and Kim Lande

Michael and Barbara Lauesen

Alan and Bev Lavitt

Steven and Judith Lewis

Lisle Foundation

Oscar and Cathy Marquis

Robert McGee

Nick and Kelly Mellos

Nordson Corporation Foundation

Wayne Andersen and Sheila O’Brien

Pacific Ridge School

John and Diane Patience

Elaine Patterson

Jim Peters

Imad and Nancy Qasim

Zachary Rattner and Kathleen Kim

Sandy Rau

Gary and Lynn Rhodes

Rev. Howard and Peggy Roberts

Rotary Club of Glenview – Sunrise

Marily Schonthal

Scott and Karin Silk

Kenneth and Paula Silk

William and Dee Dee Spence

Matilda Stuart

William and Nan Sullivan

Webster Family Advised Fund

Jim and Karen Young



$500 - $999

Jeff Weissglass and Jeannie Affelder

Tom and Rosalie Amos

Doug and Marlene Baddeloo

Scott and Beth Brady

Barry and Maggie Cain

James and Elizabeth Chandler

Robert Chaskin

Jim and Marge Chesney

Christ Presbyterian Church, Carlsbad

Ron and Nancy Coolley

Trucia Drummond

Jim and Marti Eisenberg

Marie Ellen

Michael and Laura Fine

Barbara Flynn Currie

Debby Fosdick

Bruce and Silvia Fox

Manuel Gamboa

John and Elza Garnett

Glenview United Methodist Church

David and Kelly Golding

Robert Goldman and Anne Ryan

Stephen and Peggy Goulding

Jim and Carol Habel

Hoffman Family

Rev. Alice Hunt

Jim and Rev. Sally Iberg

Susan Johnson

Tamara Kabban-Miller

Kahn Family

Thomas and Michelle Krajecki

Donald L’Amoureux and Vera Ginburg Chris and Randine Larson

Mary Jo LaViolette

Mark Lefens

Kimberly Lilley

Martindale Family

Maurer Family

Steve Mazza

Elaine Merians

Rev. Chuck Mize and Jeanie Bond

Mondelez International Foundation

Seymour and Sylvia Nordenberg

Bob Ogle

Jason and Wendy Oxenhorn

Pilgrim Congregational Church, Oak Park

Vanessa Podgorski

Jim and Eve Pokorny

David and Wendy Price

Reese Family

Charles and Barbara Reynolds

Mike Rigali and Julie Kanak

Russ Rosenzweig and Lucy Liu

Alan and Patty Rubin

Sarne Family

Marilyn Scheininger

Stephen and Ellen Scholly

Alan and Roslyn Schwartz

Tony Serebriany and Kelley Grimes

Steven and Deborah Stefani

Anne Taft

Dirk and Donna Vos

Jack and Ruth Whitney



< $500

Ruth and Proceso Abad

Kenneth and Tracy Abar

Judy Abrams

Eyad, Kristina, and Khalid Abudawas

Cathy and Sam Ach

Phil Adams

James and Marcia Adelman

Reed Adler

Friends of Hands of Peace Am Shalom

Fred and Melanie Andes

Carol Arkin

Judith Aronson

Mary Bak

Mary Ann and James Barbee

Sheryl Baron

Annalisa and Tom Barrie

David Barzilai

Linda Bates

Allan Beatty

Pam and Ed Beimel

Linda and Joel Berezny

Debbie and Doug Berg

Dana and Lyle Berkowitz

Joanne Bernstein

Ken and Becky Betzing

Edie Block

Karen and Steve Bloomberg

Janice and Leonard Bloomfield

Kathy and Greg Bostrom

Cathy and Matthew Brackett

Jack and Deedee Brannigan

Marilyn Braun

Rev. Brecht Brecht

Arlene and Phil Bresnick

Betsy Brint

Dana Bristol-Smith

Suzanne Burggraaff

Monica Burmeister

Maren Butler

Mandy Butler

Barbara Callahan

Susan Carlson

Carol Carol and Louis Marks Philanthropic Fund

Joel and Leasha Carp Meenakshi and Frank Chakraverti

Philip and Simona Cherlin

Judith and Gary Childrey


Daniel Chiss

Dana Chortkoff

Caitlin and Kevin Clancy

Dick and Mary Clark

Don and Ellen Clark

Jane and Robert Clukay

Bobbi Cohen

Richard and Patti Cohen

Neil and Bonnie Cohen

Karen, Barbara, and Allan Cohen

Hillel and Rita Cohn

Stanley and Sara Cohn

Roger and Ann Cole

Andrew Conroe

Gabriel Conroe

Deborah and Timothy Conroy

Nan and Dick Conser

Barb, Per, Weston, Ciara, and Roxi Corbeil

Lisa, Peter, and Mary Cormier

Vicki and Bill Countreman

Lucyna Czuba

Bashar, Ouhoud, and Ahmad Dabbas

Bill and Beverly Dawson

Ken and Marcia Denberg

Terry Dittmer

Jeffrey Doerner

Wayne and Ellen Dosick

Ms. Druzinsky Druzinsky

Ms. Edwards Edwards

Peter Egan

Tobi and Robert Ehrenpreis

Deane Ellis

Diane and Bruce Erickson

Karen and Bill Essig

Heidi and John Farkash

Liz Fautsch

Ms. Fein Baker Fein Baker

Warren and Judy Fellingham

Karen and Eugene Finerman

Ms. Wesley First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield Cotton and Diane Fite

Pieter and Nina Fockens

Martin and Ellen Fogarty

Dave and Vanessa Forsythe

James and Susan Fosdick

Judy and David Frank

Renee and Robert Friedman

Beverly Friend

Mr. Frillman Frillman

Marion Froehlich

Robyn Gabel

Jessamine Gadsby

Carmen and Marissa Gallucci Jr.

Friends of Hands of Peace GCCWA Chapter 19, Glenview Community Church

Brian and Coleen Gelber

Jessica Gelber

Larry Goldberg

Marilyn and Simon Golden

Florence Goldman

Margot and Bruce Goldsmith

Larry and Colleen Goldstein

Cindy and Todd Goldstein

Don and Gail Goldstein

Janice Goodman

Goodshop Goodshop

Laura and Glenn Goodstein

Traci Gordon

Shaun and Suzanne Gordon

Roy and Diane Gordon

Barton and Kay Gordon

Mary Gorman

Philip Graff

Maurice and Wendy Gralnek

Peter and Ann Grant

Paula Grasso

Reese and Joel Gratch

Sheri and David Greenwald

Carol Grimes-Gartland

Catherine Guerrero

Mindy Gurrera

Reema Habiby

Melinda, Layton, and Kylie Han

Mary and Tom Harper

Marla Harris Toby Hartman

Linda and Bob Hauser

Zoe Hayman

Walter & Katharine Hays

Nancy Helgeson

Pam Hendrix

Mary and Richard Henry

Peggy Hetherington

Richard and Carol Hillsberg

Bob and Nan Hinchsliff

Mr. and Mrs. Hinkle Hinkle

Jim and Sally Hinz

Itai Hirsch

Melissa Hirsch

Renee and Wayne Hochberg

Jeff and Cheryl Hoffen

Jill and Steven Hoffman

Shannon Hogan

Peter Holmer

Shana and Chris Hoolihan

Judy and Don Horwitz

Ginny Hotaling

Robyn Howard

Cathy and Dave Howlett-Goldenberg

Katherine and Kevin Hughes

Sherrie Hunninghake

Joy Hunt

Tanya Ingorvate

Jackie Irene

Marguerite and Donald Iverson

Keighley and Mark Jacobson

Colleen Jersild

Marvin and Mary Ellen Johnson

Heather Johnston

Shari and barry Jonas

Carole Jordan

Mr. Jurinek Jurinek

Laurie and Bruce Kaden

Angela Kageler

Janet Kahn

David and Kasey Kaplan

Fran Kapp

Stacey Kasendorf

Inez Kaufman Miriam Kelm

Mr. and Mrs. Kenemore Kenemore

Friends Kenilworth Union Church

Marcia Kern

Barb and Denny Kessler

Jerry Keuhn

Chris Kidd

Susan Kilpatrick

Ellen Kilpatrick

Rochelle Kopp

Jane Koten

Judith Kramer

Cindy Kramer

Len and Maureen Krouner

Shermin Kruse

Jay and Gabrielle Kunin

Diana Kutlow

Marjorie Lacey

John Lach

Michelle LaLouche-Kadden

Karen Larkin

Steven Lasensky

Betsy and Scott Lassar

Nancy Lawson

Margaret Lee

Jerrol and Mary Lou Leitner

Frances Lerner

Michael Levick

Joel Levin

Ruth Levy

Kenneth and Judith Lewis

Stephen Lindell

Lori Lippitz

Rommy and John Lopat

Debbie and David Lorig

Becky and Dave Lothian

Marcena and Mike Love

Ms. Lowitz Lowitz

Mary and Ed Lubben

Janet and Andy Lubetkin

Tom and Margaret Lutz

Kay and Bob Lyter

Paul, Gwen, and Ruby Macsai

Helen Madden Betsy Martin

George and Jackie Marton

Sandra and James Marwill

Liz Mason

Lenore Mass

Joe Mathewson

Susan McCaffery

Rhonda McCarty and Barry Bryant

Mary Lou and Daniel McEachran

Friends of Hands of Peace McMaster-Carr Supply Company

Tom and Sally McMenamin

Charlene Melzer

Glen and Rocio Middleton

Joanne and Michael Midgley

Robert and Marianne Mitchell

Melinda Mitchell

Nina and David Mizrahi

Karen and David Mogul

Ellen Montanari

Frosty Montgomery

Terri Morgan

Barbara Moss

Nancy Mullarkey

Linda and Tim Murphy

Marshall and June Mussay

John Nagler

Irving and Marilyn Naiditch

Bill Nardiello

Robin and Larry Nash

Thomas and Elizabeth Nelson

Joani Nelson

 Network for Good

Ruth and Steve Netzley

Kelly and Chris O'Hara

Gwen and Grace O'Malley

Barbara Odling

Holly, Bob, Robert, Kate, and Max Ohlweiler

Tony Oliverio

Roy and Elisabeth Olson

Friends of Hands of Peace Optimist Club of Deerfield

Marcia and Jerry Osher

Jim Pelts

Dan and Joan Perrone

Ogen and Dorit Perry Deanna Pierson

Deborah Pimstone

Dan and Freddi Pinkert

Susan Plassmeyer

Margaret and Julia Plouff

Michael and Tina Plunkett

Ann Pockros

Barbara Pollack

Jessica and Jeff Pollak

Friends Presbyterian Church of Western Springs

Lillian and Leonard Press

Arnold and Sheila Pritsker

Rabinowitz family Rabinowitz

Cynthia Raff

Cynthia and Joe Rafson

Mohamed and Julie Rahman

Emman Randazzo

Ms. Rasof Rasof

Karen and Ward Reeves

Laurie Reinstein

Hannah and Joe Reinstein

Peg and Phil Reitz

Pearl Rich

Thomas and Pamela Riedy

Carol and Paul Rigby

Brandon Roberts

Connie Robin

David and Diane Rochester

Ms. Romano Romano

Scott and Angela Roos

Ruth Roos

Lisa Rosenblatt

Karen and John Rosene

Clark and Lynette Ross

John and Leanne Roth

Mr. Rott Rott

Charles Rubens II

Laura Rubenstein

Neal and Bonnie Rubin

Jeff and Sue Ryan

Mickey Safstrom

Danya Saleh

Lynn and Gary Salit

San Marcos Rotarians San Marcos Rotary Club Foundation Jura and Donald Scharf

Constance and Robert Schiele

Mr. and Mrs. Schnackenberg Schnackenberg Family

Linda and Craig Schneider

David Schonthal

Suzanne Schoolmaster

Ginny Schulte

Michael Schwartz

Scott and Kimberly Schwartz

Patrick and Nancy Scott

Rachel Selk

Margaret and Bruce Sents

Alvin and Gloria Shapiro

Jim and Debbie Shellard

Stephen Sickle

Jacqueline Siegel

Craig Skulsky

Patrick and Laurie Slein

Tom and Irene Smith

Jennifer Smith

Bob Snow

Sunny and Stuart Sonnenschein

George Spellman

Martin and Patricia St. John

Karen and Tom Staib Duffy

Deborah Steinberg

Lee and Donna Lynn Sterling

Lois and Alvin Stiglitz

Rosette Strubel

Doug and Sylvia Studt

Kit and CJ Sultz

Michael and Julie Taitel

Claudia Tan

Christine Tenzer

Al and Marilyn TeRonde

Patti and Bill Thompson

Jean and Dan Thompson

Tom and Sally Thuresson

Ms. Oher Tobie B and Edward M Oher Philanthropic Fund

Lisa Torgerson

Charlie Traer

Liz and Scott Trager Mendel

Arnold Tubis

Greg and Carol Uhl Michelle Valentine

Robin Van Zak

Mary VanderSchaaf

John and Elizabeth Vanderveer

Amy VanKooten-Bonke

Kelsey Vlieks

Lisa and Larry Wagner

Jordan Waldman

Kelly and Kurt Walecki

Nancy and David Wallace

Judy and Roger Wallenstein

Laurie and Peter Walton

Wayne and Linda Watson

Krista and Jeff Watts

Jill and Bill Weaver

Sharon and Chuck Weingarten

Susan Weinstock

Robert Weisgrau

Christauria Welland-Akong

John and Connie Wesley

Ruth Wessman

David Wexler

Kenneth and Ruth Wexley

Virginia White

Dave and Sandra Whitmore

Holly Williamson

Ellen and Wally Winter

Jan and Jerry Wolf

Melinda and Allen Wynar

William Yacktman

Mark and Wendy Yanow

David Zimberoff

Bruce and Julie Zimmerman

Julie and Adam Zletz

Laura Zuckerman

Linda and Joel Zuieback



Chicago In-Kind Donations

Am Shalom

Ben & Jerry’s

Café Lucci

Deerfield First Presbyterian Church

Glenview Community Church

Islamic Foundation North

Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation

Pita Inn

Rob Orr Productions

Roti Restaurant

Veteran’s Art Museum




San Diego In-Kind Donations

Ben & Jerry’s

Border Angels

Carlsbad Musallah

Christ Presbyterian Church

Gamaliel Foundation

Jewish Collaborative of San Diego

Old Globe Theater

Pacific Ridge School

Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Tariq Khamisa Foundation

Temple Solel

University of California at San Diego

Watts Atelier of the Arts

Xtreme Fun of San Diego