Follow-Up Program (Alumni Club)

A critical component of the HOP experience is the Alumni Club, and the ongoing activities it provides for Middle East and American participants. The Middle East Alumni Club keeps participants connected in a variety of ways: quarterly retreats for all participants from all years of HOP, uni-national meetings for each delegation, and service activities. Below are reports on some of our recent Middle East Alumni Club seminars:


Nazareth and Nahariya Seminars, Spring 2015

Haifa Seminar, Winter 2015 

Jerusalem Seminar, Fall 2014

Jaffa Seminar, Spring 2014


The US Alumni have monthly meetings, attend local lectures and events related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and are involved in recruiting new participants, outreach efforts, and arranging and conducting presentations to various organizations and congregations.  The US Alumni also continue expanding their knowledge of the Middle East, and continue to dialogue about current events and the complex and difficult issues they learned about during the Summer Program.


HOP Alumni Information Project 
HOP is currently updating all of our alumni information. If you are a HOP alum, please fill out the Alumni Information Form online, and please encourage other HOP alumni to do the same. As you all move out into the world, remember that you all mean the world to us!

This is the most important thing I do in my life. We are completing our journey that we started in Chicago through these seminars. I love seeing my friends and meeting the new participants.

Lara, Palestinian participant