Our History

Hands of Peace (HOP) was founded in 2002 by three Chicago-area women (one Christian, one Jewish and one Muslim) as an interfaith organization dedicated to nurturing peace, person by person.  The organization started by offering an intense, two-week long, dialogue-based Summer Program for a small number of teens, and was completely volunteer-based. HOP has grown in size, strength, and scope each year since then. HOP achieved 501(c)3 status in 2006, and has added a full volunteer Board and some part-time staff. We now hold two annual 18-day Summer Programs— one in Chicago and one in San Diego— as well as a dynamic, year-round Alumni Club Program in the US and the Middle East.

After going through HOP, I believe in peace and that everything is possible and that nothing is impossible. We can achieve our goals if we communicate and listen to each other, and we can find a solution for every struggle.

Sabaa, Palestinian Citizen of Israel participant