Past Events



Saturday, March 19, 1-4:00pm

U.S. Alumni Club Meeting at Chicago Freedom School

Identity, Power, and Oppression Workshop


Chicago Alumni will participate in a workshop on "Identity, Power and Oppression" at Chicago Freedom School on Saturday, March 19th. Participants will reflect on their own identity and how their identities intersect with systems of power and oppression. Together, participants will develop practices to name, interrupt and transform oppression in communities, workplaces, schools, and day to day interactions.


Wednesday, April 6th, 6:30-9pm

HOPEducation - Film Dialogue Night - The Promised Band

The Chapel of Glenview Community Church

1000 Elm Street, Glenview, IL

We are excited to introduce you to the work of filmmaker Jen Heck, who will be our special guest at this year's Chicago Annual Benefit Evening. Heck's film "The Promised Band" is due for release this spring. It features a group of women, with questionable musical talent, who form a band to navigate borders in Israel and Palestine. One cast member, Lina Qadri, is the mother of a Hands of Peace alumna. Join us for this sneak peek of the film and plan to meet Jen Heck and her partner at the Chicago Benefit Evening on April 17th.

According to, "The Promised Band" is a moving and surprisingly tender film that:

…makes the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict so much more human and comprehensible than news reports or other documentaries that focus just on the region's incessant violence…[the film] tests whether cross-cultural friendship is possible in a land of intractable conflict.

Sunday, April 17th

HOP Chicago Benefit Evening Highlights

Hats off to an incredible Chicago Benefit Committee for putting together such an amazing evening. The highlight of the evening for our 300 guests was the series of reflections from three outstanding alumni who are putting their Hands of Peace experience to work in their adult lives. What fascinating journeys each of them is having! We also enjoyed WBEZ host Jerome McDonnell's conversation with Jen Heck and Maria De La O about their new documentary "The Promised Band" and we raised $125,000 for student scholarships! Here is a sampling of some of the great pictures from our fabulous evening.

To view all of the pictures from the event, please click here. 

Thank you to everyone that rode the peace train with us!

Huge thanks to Richard Cahan/CityFiles Press for capturing our memorable evening. If you are interested in purchasing any of these prints, please contact Richard directly at:
Richard Cahan/CityFiles Press


Sunday, May 1st

HOP San Diego Benefit Evening Highlights

What a night we had “Under the Middle Eastern Sky” benefitting Hands of Peace!
From the hookah lounge to the belly dancer, delicious food and drink, soulful music of Todo Mundo and spirited music of Luminaries the entire evening was absolutely magical. The highlight of the evening for our 150 guests was the reflections from three outstanding San Diego alumni who talked about how Hands of Peace has affected them and hearing from our inspiring Light of Peace Award winner, Fary Moini.  We are proud to say we raised $30,000 for the San Diego program! Special thanks to our generous sponsors and silent auction donors who made our event possible. 

Special thanks to all of you who joined us and supported us.

We are filled with gratitude for your generosity at this inaugural benefit event for Hands of Peace San Diego.
Here is a sampling of some of the great pictures from our fabulous evening:
Huge thanks to Robert Rossi for capturing our memorable evening.


Saturday, May 21st at 2:00pm

HOPEducation Event - "Camp David" at the Old Globe

Join San Diego supporters for an afternoon at the Old Globe to watch the new play "Camp David"During 13 extraordinary days in 1978, two world leaders, Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, under the watchful and sometimes exasperated eyes of U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn, hammered out an agreement that inspired the entire world. Pulitzer Prize winner Lawrence Wright brings us a riveting and moving story filled with humor, insight, and surprises as three very different men, each devoutly committed to his people and also to his faith, find that peace is possible and that hope is always the better choice.


HOPEducation Film Dialogue Night: Encore Presentation of "The Promised Band"

Monday, June 6th 6:30 - 9:00pm

Glenview Community Church Founders Room

Join us for an encore presentation of the award winning film, "The Promised Band" on Monday, June 6th from 6:30-9:00. Filmmakers Jen Heck and Maria De la O were our keynote speakers at this year's Chicago Benefit. The movie features the mother of an HOP alumna. Founders Room at Glenview Community Church. Open and free to the public. Dialogue will follow the screening.


San Diego Book Club

Thursday, June 9 at 7:00pm

Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now by Deborah Frieze and Margaret Wheatley

The next San Diego book club will be in June. We will share our thoughts on the book "Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now". This book is filled with intimate stories and portraits of the people and places the authors came to know through years of working together to transform their communities. The journey begins in Mexico, then moves to Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Greece and the U.S. The authors' lives and ways of thinking have been transformed by these experiences and relationships - an experience they hope to recreate for the reader through vivid prose and photos. To learn more visit their website. If you are interested in participating in the San Diego Book Club, please contact Eileen Maurer.



A Hope-Inspiring Summer Has Concluded!

Our 2015 Summer Programs in San Diego and Chicago have recently concluded, and we are so grateful to all the volunteers, staff, and supporters who made them possible. Activities included intensive daily dialogue sessions, team-building experiences (including a new high ropes course adventure!), film-making workshops, mural painting projects, and visits to diverse houses of worship. At Hands of Peace, we know that it takes a group to change an individual— and an individual to change the world. The group dialogue process and its limitless capacity to inspire change is the cornerstone of our ever-more-needed work. 

As always, Hands of Peace will empower our 500+ graduates with intensive, year-round follow-up programs. These include four annual overnight seminars in Israel and Palestine, as well as ongoing adult education activities and alumni retreats in the United States. We hope we can count on your continued support as we demonstrate the power of understanding and connection to overcome fear and prejudice.













HOP is a true life changing experience. People that you wouldn’t even think would understand you or even listen to you will do the unexpected. HOP is not a program—it’s the ideal world for two weeks. 

Rawy, Palestinian Citizen of Israel XL